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We carry a full range of Carts and Stands for our Candyfloss Equipment
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Floss Cart 3149 (with 3024 Floss Machine) This is the world's most popular "Floss on Wheels" setup. Designed primarily for the Econo Floss, Mega Floss, Floss Maxx machines. Many rental operators prefer the non-metallic bowl on their Floss Boss, Econo or Mega Floss. 20" x 20" (50 x 50 cm) stainless steel spacer included. Bubble sold separately. Machine and bowl sold separately.

Additional Features:
Powder Coated Pink, Welded Steel Cart
Shown with Model #3943 Double Bubble PETG Guard
Graphics are "Cotton Candy"


French Candy Cart
Make a real sales impact with this traditional 'French' Candy Cart - especially designed to house your crepe machine with this attractive branded eye catching cart.

Additional Features:
Semi-Circle design, power coated pink
Graphics are "Candyfloss"
Pink umbrella canopy
Dimensions: 2230mm H x 880mm W x 730mm D

French Candy Cart

'Kids Corner' Popcorn, Candyfloss, Slush Drink Wagon
Like our Hotdog and Crepe Wagon this unit is fitted and branded to sell Popcorn, Slush Ice Drinks, and Candyfloss, again with an impressive overall size of 2750mm.

Additional Features:
Dimensions: 7ft H x 9ft W x 2.6ft D
Stainless Steel
* Canopy with light fitting
Pink/Yellow branding
Wheels and brake
Compartment for storage

Kids Corner Stand
This is just a small collection of our Candyfloss carts and stands - please contact us for more information
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