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FlosSugar is made from a special sugar - not too fine, not too coarse. Colors have been "vividized" so that you get a bright color, but color concentrations do not exceed the limits set down by Food & Drug Administration's GMP Directives.

* Boo-Blue * Silly Nilly * Spookie Fruiti * Leapin' Lime * O-Jay * Jolly Berry * Cherry Berry
* Pina Colada * Bubble Gum * Wacky Watermelon * Banana Bonanza * Sassy Apple
* Sizzlin' Lemon-Sour * Razzleberry-Sour


Most large amusement parks use Flossugar, however, many professional midway operators simply add about one or two heaping tablespoons Flossine to every 10 lbs. of regular granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use. Flossine has been a favorite of professional Cotton Candy operators since Gold Medal introduced it in 1948. Flossine absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements. However, be careful of the sugar you mix with - some contains corn starch which will clog the ribbons! Flossine gives your Cotton Candy the proper look - the proper aroma - and a great taste in every flavor.

* Vanilla Pink * Cherry Red * Blue Raspberry * Strawberry Pink * Grape Purple * Lemon Yellow * Orange * Bubble Gum * Watermelon * Pina Colada * Banana * Green Apple


Candyfloss Packaging
We stock a full and varied range of Candy Floss Packaging

* Candyfloss Bags
* Candyfloss Cones
* Regular and Jumbo Sizes

Floss Packaging

Candyfloss Accessories
We stock a full and varied range of Candy Floss Accessories

* Half Bubbles
* Full Bubbles
* Coloured Bubbles
* Lighted Signs
* Floss Pan Cover
* Displays

Floss Accessories

Pre-Made Candyfloss
Take the hassle out of Candyfloss production and boast your profits with our pre-made CandfFloss tubs. Available in 'Pink, 'Blue, Green, Yellow, and Mix' this product is eye catching and sure to increase your profits without any equipment costs. Also available in Small and Large.

* Small Candyfloss (case of 48)
* Large Candyfloss (case of 18)

Pre Made Candyfloss
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