Cinema Concession Design and Fit-Out . . .

For over 20 years we have been working with the cinema industry of Ireland supplying, installing and servicing concessions equipment and food supplies.

We are sole distributors for some of the world's leading concession equipment manufacturers and we can custom make any piece of equipment taking into consideration the premises architecture, design, and aesthetics.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver a customer experience that is efficient, unique, and offers an exciting range of products.

A typical cinema fit out would consist of the following items:

* 48oz - 52oz (Twin or Single) Popcorn Popper
* Three - Four Popcorn Staging Cabinet (Warmers)
* One - Two Nacho Display Warmers
* Cheese and Salsa Sauce Warmer
* Hot Dog Rotisserie and Bun Warmer
* One - Two (Twin or Triple) Slush Ice Machine
* Coffee Machine
* Ice Cream Machine & Kiosk
* Smoothie Bar
* Hot Fresh Donut Machine

Our team can help you design and create the perfect concessions unit that will maximize your sales potential.

We understand that every request can be different, so why not contact us today so we can help you find the ideal product and equipment to meet your needs! Whether you are looking to purchase or hire equipment or just looking for funfood supplies our dedicated customer service team are standing by to assist you.

Cinema Fit-Out

Cinema Fit-Out

Cinema Fit-Out

Cinema Fit-Out Cinema Fit-Out Cinema Fit-Out Cinema Fit-Out

Cinema Concession 'Personal Branded' Products

We have a wide range of popcorn box / drink cup products to choose from, however we also produce high-quality finished 'personally branded' products.

Popcorn Boxes (with or with-out lids), Popcorn Tubs, Popcorn Bags, Kids Popcorn Trays or Boxes, Cold Cups, Hot Cups, Ice Cream Tubs, Slush Yards, Candyfloss Tubs and Bags and much, much more . . .

What ever your brand needs talk to us today!

We can also work with you on your 'Point of Sale' requirements - Concessions Signage, Meal Deal Offers and Film Related Merchandise.

Branded Pop Boxes

Popper 2228ED (Single 48oz Model)
Also available in Twin 48oz and Single/Twin 52oz

The Cornado Popcorn Machines are the result of many years of research to build you the finest popcorn machine available regardless of price. Our steel kettle is the most durable in the business, with double- sided walls for the most efficient energy use. The Equi-Temp heat diffuser evenly spreads the heat over entire kettle bottom. It also comes equipped with replaceable Chromolox elements and triple thermo-stating for safety. You will get optimum popping from a Cornado every time-for a long, long time. Cornado Base Cabinets are made of premium grade stainless steel for years of sharp appearance. The large corn bin holds more than 50 lbs. of corn. Our Super Hot Blast blower/heater outshines any unit to keep corn crisper and hotter. The corn deck and subdeck are all-stainless, too.

Dimensions: 74"H x 48"W x 30"D


Popper 2235E (Twin 48oz Model)
Also available in Twin 52oz

Make your profits really pop with fast, 3-minute popping cycles (20 cycles per hour) in this twin 48-oz. kettle popper. Your kettles will last longer thanks to the extremely durable chrome plating on the kettle cooking surface, and the larger diameter kettles produces more corn expansion a better "pop out" for less fall out. The huge perforated screening area makes it easy to serve or pack clean corn. You can trust the reliable popper that high volume operators and professional concessionaires have built their success on.

Dimensions: 67.5"H x 30"W x 79"D


Warmer 2344
This 36" wide staging cabinet is ideal for high volume concessions stands that require high out-put. Pre-Pop you Popcorn use our food-grade bag and bag sealer then fill these staging cabinets as required. This model also features a popcorn crisping system that is thermostatically controlled.

Additional Features:
Also available with twin heating units (high output version)

Dimensions: 29.5"H x 36.13"W x 26.56"D


Nacho Chip Warmer 5588
Ideal for busy locations like cinemas, theaters and arenas that need a lot of product ready to sell. This model fits those needs.

Additional Features:
Stainless steel, glass and anodized aluminum
Designed for Portion Pak containers.
Typical cabinet temperature 120-130°F
Lighted sign on front

Dimensions: 18.5"H x 18.5"W x 36"D


Cheese Warmer 5300
Maintains air tight control over your cheese sauce, extracting more out of every bag and extending the cheese life. Virtually no cleaning internally, because the cheese never touches the machine parts. Faster loading, easy to line up the pump. Space for a second bag to preheat inside.

Additional Features:
Portion amount - independently controlled, set by dip switch time setting
Increased cabinet height to allow storage of second cheese bag or cups
Maintain cheese temperature 140-155F (adjustable)

Dimensions: 28"H x 10"W x 16"D


Cheese or Salsa Warmer 2365LS
All Warmers carry the NSF listing, which means they are easy to clean. Variable heat control allows fast warm up. Stainless steel water tanks on all Gold Medal Warmers - nothing to rust through. Dipper style lighted sign, space saver cabinet design.

Dimensions: 8.5"H x 12.5"W x 8.5"D


Hotdog Machine 8103
For a 50% increase in capacity, this model is the highest capacity Hot Dog Cooker in the industry. Why a rotisserie? The rotisserie gives you excellent sales-making action! Attracts attention - and actually gives more capacity in a smaller space than the roller hot dog machine. Larger wattage heating elements give fast warm up when needed.

Additional Features:
Stainless Steel Cabinets with removable glass for easy cleaning
Integrated Bun Warmer with Water Pan

Dimensions: 28"H x 27"W x 15"D


10L Three Head Slush Machine
The dispenser has been especially designed to prepare large volumes of beverages in a short period of time. Configured with three 10 litre capacity bowl and two 1/2 HP compressors, it will satisfy your customer's demands.

The fully visible bowl and the 360° wrap-around graphics help to merchandise the product resulting in additional sales.

• Shock-proof, non toxic poly carbonate containers with over 10 litres capacity each
• Two independent hermetically sealed compressors

15L Three Head
This is just a small collection of our Larger Commercial Equipment - please contact us for more details
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