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We carry a full range of Carts and Stands for our Hotdog Equipment
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Retro Hotdog Stand Sterno-heated unit - truly goes anywhere to merchandise Hot Dogs!

* Please Note this is a counter model machine (footprint 16'' wide x 24'' deep x 16'' high)

Additional Features:
Two compartments for hot dogs and one for buns
Stainless Steel Construction
Includes Umbrella and Wheels
Accepts standard Canned Heat Fuel Canisters


Hotdog/Crepe Wagon
This fantastic large wagon is fitted and branded to sell Hotdog's and Crepes for a large event, with an impressive overall size of 2750mm this eye catching design is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

* Dimensions: 7ft H x 9ft W x 2.6ft D
* Stainless Steel
* Glass Sneeze Guard
* Canopy with light fitting
* Red/Beige branding
* Wheels and brake
* Compartment for storage

Hotdog Stand
This is just a small collection of our Hotdog carts and stands - please contact us for more information
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