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'Gold Medal' Large Commercial Popcorn Machines - Ideal for stadiums, cinemas, theatres, amusement parks

Popper 2011 Illustrated here is the floor model Pop-O-Gold (with base), this can also come as a counter top model.

Additional Features:
Big Eye Electronic Heat Control System
Brute Force Kettle Drive Motor

Dimensions: 36"H x 28"W x 78"D
(91 cm x 71 cm x 197 cm)


Popper 2911 A fast 52- oz. kettle with Big Eye Electronic Heat Control makes better tasting popcorn?more of it?and a popper that lasts and lasts! Flexi Pop option available. Fire suppression available as well. All medallion poppers feature the 3-way Gold Medal filter system. Capacity approximately 1000oz. of finished popcorn per hour!

Dimensions: 77"H x 36"W x 28"D
(195 cm x 91 cm x 71 cm)


Popper 2228ED The Cornado Popcorn Machines are the result of many years of research to build you the finest popcorn machine available regardless of price. Our steel kettle is the most durable in the business, with double- sided walls for the most efficient energy use. The Equi-Temp heat diffuser evenly spreads the heat over entire kettle bottom. It also comes equipped with replaceable Chromolox elements and triple thermo-stating for safety. You will get optimum popping from a Cornado every time-for a long, long time. Cornado Base Cabinets are made of premium grade stainless steel for years of sharp appearance. The large corn bin holds more than 50 lbs. of corn. Our Super Hot Blast blower/heater outshines any unit to keep corn crisper and hotter. The corn deck and subdeck are all-stainless, too.

Dimensions: 74"H x 48"W x 30"D
(187 cm x 121 cm x 76 cm)


Popper 2235E Make your profits really pop with fast, 3-minute popping cycles (20 cycles per hour) in this twin 48-oz. kettle popper. Your kettles will last longer thanks to the extremely durable chrome plating on the kettle cooking surface, and the larger diameter kettles produces more corn expansion a better "pop out" for less fall out. The huge perforated screening area makes it easy to serve or pack clean corn. You can trust the reliable popper that high volume operators and professional concessionaires have built their success on.

Dimensions: 67.5"H x 30"W x 79"D
(171 cm x 76 cm x 200 cm)

This is just a small collection of our Large Popper equipment - please ask for our Gold Medal equipment catalogue
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