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'Gold Medal' Medium Commercial Popcorn Machines - Ideal for busier stores/retail that require larger volumes of popcorn
Corner shops, markets & fairs, kids adventure centres, bowling alleys

Popper 2488 A compact 8oz (little brother to the 2489). The 4 extra inches in height gives you more working room than any other 6-oz. machine.

Dimensions: 35"H x 18"W x 16"D
(89 cm x 46 cm x 40 cm)


Popper 2489 The backlit "Popcorn" sign will attract attention and help sell more popcorn. This 8-oz. popcorn machine will pay for itself in just a few peak hours of operation!

Dimensions: 35"H x 18"W x 16"D
(89 cm x 46 cm x 40 cm)


Popper 2489BN This is a great sales maker at an economical price. This popper has a taller cabinet than 6-oz. poppers, giving you more working room and increasing operator safety. Plus, neon sells more popcorn! It fits all #2659 carts.

Dimensions: 35"H x 18"W x 16"D
(89 cm x 46 cm x 40 cm)


Popper 2452 This is a compact version of the #2007ST with heavy duty construction. The extra height creates more working room! All Gold Medal poppers are designed to increase operator safety.

Dimensions: 40"H x 20"W x 20"D
(101 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm)


Popper 2003 This is the top of the line 12/14 oz. kettle popper in the industry. This sales maker features an energy-efficient, removable Uni-Maxx® Kettle for easy cleaning, and is mounted in the extra strong cast aluminum twin hanger arms. Produces 250, one-oz. servings per hour.

Dimensions: 36"H x 28"W x 20.25"D
(91 cm x 71 cm x 51 cm)


Popper 2213 Get all the amazing features of a Gay 90's Whiz Bang in a compact popper that only takes up 20 linear inches of counter space. Leave 5 inches of room for the eye-catching castings. (Can be matched with Cart 2148 CR Below)

Dimensions: 46"H x 20.25"W x 20.25"D
(116 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm)


Popper 2024ST Make a lot of popcorn in a great looking machine with the Econo 16-oz. popcorn machine. This version features a lighted stainless steel dome, and is not wired for a popping oil dispensing system.

Dimensions: 40"H x 28"W x 28"D
(101 cm x 71 cm x 71 cm)


Popper 2023EN The Astro 16 is the world's most deluxe 16-oz. kettle popper and features the Big Eye Electronic Heat Control. All Astro 16-oz. models feature the forced air popcorn crisping system and are pre-wired for the push button popping oil-dispensing system.

Dimensions: 44"H x 28"W x 28"D
(111 cm x 71 cm x 71 cm)


Cart 2148CR (Ideal for Popper 2213 Above) This red cart has sturdy, welded legs, adjustable feet, and is designed for easy assembly. It also features a storage compartment with easy access door. A 20-inch wide red cart.

Dimensions: 33"H x 20"W x 20"D
(83 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm

This is just a small collection of our Medium Popper equipment - please ask for our Gold Medal equipment catalogue
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