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Here is a small range of our Nacho supplies
if you are looking for something particular that is not listed here contact us today and we will be delighted to meet your needs!

NEW FOR 2010 'LOCO NACHO' Pre-Packed Nachos
From our market research, and discussions with the funfood industry we have devolved our own brand of Pre-Packed Nachos called 'Loco Nacho' available in Cheese and Salsa this innovative product will give you the following benefits:

* Efficiency in Serving
* Clean
* Less Storage
* Great Profit Margins

Loco Nacho

Nacho Chips
Nacho's have become one of the worlds favorite 'Snackfood/Funfood' products available on the market. A great way to boost your profits whether you are in retail, cinema, funparks, catering, or entertainment business. We use only the best Nacho Chips on the market to guarantee you maxim profits and return business.

* Nacho Chips 3kilo bags (case of 2)

Nacho Chips

Cheese Dipping Sauce
They now go hand in hand Nacho's and Cheese . . . we offer a wide range of cheese supplies to suit your business needs. From large catering bags to portion packs - currently available in the following formats:

* Cheese Sauce in Portion Packs 3.5oz (case of 48)
* Cheese Sauce Bag (for Dispenser Machine) 140oz bags (case of 4)

Cheese Sauce

Salsa Dipping Sauce
Our medium salsa is a great way to add extra revenue to your Nacho business. Loaded with vegetables, all natural, and fat free . . . this product is sure to put a smile on your customers faces. From large catering cases to portion packs - currently available in the following formats:

* Salsa in 1 Gallon (case of 4)
* Salsa in Portion Packs 3.8oz (case of 30)

Salsa Sauce

Add some extra kick, profits, and return business to your Nachos with our Jalapeno Peppers. In an easy to open and easy top store jar.

* Jalapeno Peppers 1 Gallon jar (case of 4


Serving Tray
Nacho serving tray for dispensed or portion pack cheese and salsa, available in small and large size.

* Small Dip Tray (molded plastic tray case of 500)
* Large Dip Tray (molded plastic tray case of 500)

Nacho Trays
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