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Here is a small range of our popcorn supplies
if you are looking for something particular that is not listed here contact us today and we will be delighted to meet your needs!

Popcorn Maize (Weaver Gold Classic)
We use Weaver Gold - the 'classic' high-volume uncooked kernels are the industry's leader in expansion, yielding a bigger pop and profit for you. In fact, you'll get 191 more servings from 100 pounds of Weaver Gold than from competitive brands.

* Available in 50lb Bags

Popcorn Maize

Popping Oil
We use only the finest oil products for popcorn production . . .

* 20l Drum of Rapeseed Oil
* Naks Pop Oil Bars
Popcorn Oil

Flavors, Seasoning
Give your popcorn that edge and make your profits pop with our range of Flavoring, and Seasonings

* Flavacol Seasoning Salt (45lb Pail / 50lb Box / or 12x35oz Cartons)
* Colored Salt (Blue, Brown, Pink, Green)
* Galze Pop for Sweet Popcorn
* Compound S
* Savory Flavours (Cheese, Etc.)

Popcorn Seasoning

Popcorn Packaging
Not only is taste important to you customer.. so is presentation - with that in mind we have a full range of generic popcorn boxes, tubs, and bags. We can also design your own personalised range in a number of styles.

* Boxes
* Bags
* Cones
* Kiddie Trays
* Available in different styles and case sizes 46oz, 85oz, 130oz, 170oz

On large quantities orders we can offer personalised boxes - please contact our offices for more information!

Popcorn Packaging

Popcorn Accessories
Everything you will need for popcorn production and sales -

* Assorted scoops
* Funnels
* Bag Sealers and Bags
* Signs, POS
* Cleaning Agents

Popcorn Accessories

Pre-Popped Popcorn
Putting the 'P' in Profit, Pre-Popped Popcorn gives you the all the profit margins without the hassle of equipment, training, service, staffing, and supplies needed. Just place your order that the finest quality (our guarantee) pre-popped popcorn will be delivered fresh to your door.

* Our Pre-Popped Popcorn come is 4.4kg (food rating bags)
* Up to approx. 110 servings of Small Popcorn

Pre-Popped Popcorn
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