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About Us

The Irish Popcorn & Snackfood Co. was established in 1995. Securing the agency for the largest supplier of cinema & funfood equipment in the world, Gold Medal, the Irish Popcorn & Snackfood Co. started by mainly supplying the cinema industry with their popcorn machines and supplies. It soon began to expand the business and become experts in the fun food sector.

We are now the exclusive distributors to renowned equipment such as Gold Medal, Ugolini, Innova to name a few. In addition, we have an extensive range of supplies. Our funfood products include popcorn, candyfloss, slush-ice, ice-cream, nachos, hot-dogs, waffles, candy apple, sno-kone, packaging (boxes, cups, straws etc.) etc. We also specialize in personalizing packaging to our customers own requirements.

We have become the largest supplier in Ireland of popcorn and snackfoods to the cinema industry, bowling alleys, and kids’ adventure centres, independent stores, video shops, amusement parks etc.

We install service and guarantee every machine that we supply. Our service and maintenance department is a dedicated service on a 24 hour stand-by in case of emergencies. We pride ourselves in our speedy response and quality of service. Our service team is regularly sent to be trained by the equipment manufacturers in order to provide a first quality service.

We work hard to increase and improve the products continually. Our dedication is to provide all of our customers with the highest quality of service and attention at all times. As the largest suppliers of Fun food equipment, we have the organisational expertise to not only offer you a comprehensive range of merchandise but also provide you with the distribution and technical servicing required. Because we handle our own distribution, we have complete control from start to finish.

We are a company with the desire to grow and improve. It is important to us that our product is correctly promoted to achieve good results. We will advise you with any information we can to help boost your sales of products i.e. “in store” training and promotions, promotional material or free samples.

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